Wednesday, June 4, 2008

blackgold crisis

aiiiii....pehal la mnyak nk nek hrge time2 gni.
dh la tgh xde duit, br abes wat xtvt pelancongan mgg lps.
n while i'm not in a good mood rite now..
not in d mood to talk to my parentz..hishh
i'm so problematic rite now..
td lps announce mnyak naek hrge, nk mntk duit isi mnyak..
my father juz said "x pyh isi"..simple je
even i'm not using d car much diz hols, but isn't it better to fuel up d tank..
if u calculate rm50 we pay for fuel diz nite will sky up to rm70 2moro..
rm20 different!! it is dat big yet my father still..
uh i so do not know what he's thinking..

dgn my feeling sdkt bengong2 lg skrg, wut juz happened menmbh lg kerunsingan..
sgt m'hrp dpt m'bawe diri ni jauh dr dunia nyata..
wish i can bring myself to nothingness, so nothing can ruin my day..

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