Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another Weeeeekend

another weekend came across my hols..haha..
means dat i've been a successful graper for 5 weeks oledi..!!
CONGRATZ to me,wuhuuu..

11 may, it is a MOTHER'S DAY today~
have u wished it to ur mom? after all she has done for all of us all these years..
u better go wish dat a.s.a.p.

we all celebr8 it last night..
at my grandma's home sweet home, wit my aunts n uncles.
had a really fun bbq, complete wit cake.. =)
udang (bsr2, sgt best), kerang, ayam, nugget, sausage, bla bla...
sgt byk mknn, x larat..

after finished up cleaning, it's already 12..
thought wanna go back n hv a nice sleep, tp de s'thing menarek yg tlh menarek kaki ni x bg balik..
ktrg meneruskan xtvt ngan klas mlm, fortune telling class!! huhu..
my aunt brings her friend, a writer my mom told me, n she knows how to do 'diz thing'..
juz ask what we wanna know, about works, study n so on-so on..even luv story pun can lah!
wats so interesting is dat she used matches.
yeah, we cannot believe in it, but we all did try juz for fun..ske2 je wat
ye la, ble lg tah nk dpt peluang kan, better try than regret, rite?
kul 2 br stop, tok bomoh dh pnat (ni pn limit 3Qs seorg) --> i asked 1.
kalau x, dak2 ni mne tau nk stop..haha

another delightful moment along my hols~

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