Monday, May 19, 2008

Start TRAVELLING ! ! !

cuti ni sgt2 xde bnde menarik berlaku. hr2 duk umah men game, surf tenet, merayau2 nek moto n i like d part nek beskal pg2 around kampung, d atmosphere is so syokkk..
u can hear birds chirping, see d elders working at kebun getah as early as 7, wit fogs.. oh really tranquillizing my mind, n a healthy excercise in d morning! ^-^

tp plg x best ble dh xde mnde sgt nk wat, ur mind goes sumwhere n start to think about craps.
asek t'igt bnde2 yg x mgkn, so it adds sadness to myself time cuti. huhu..
so b4 it gets any worse, i've decided to end my break wit sumthing most memorable moment, it's to start my tour to pantai timur!! dh lme x g sane.

hope d plan works out well, dun want juz plan n plan n nothing in d end..
wit d hols only got around 7 weeks left, so d sooner diz program can start, d better.
really hope 2 fill up myself wit merrier memories so it wont remind me about the thing-i-shud-not-think-about-seriously-so-i-wont-feel-like-i'm-useless thing.

my frens there, plz support diz healthy activity of mine by let me stay in ur place!!
-->to cut off hotel n food expenses, haha..

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